IAP Awarded Army Research Grant for Aerosol Technology for Smoke Screen Grenades

Underlying technology shows promise in medical and other commercial applications

July 7, 2015 Kettering Ohio - IAP Research in Dayton, Ohio received an SBIR Phase II Army grant to continue development of an innovative powder packing and dispersion method to be used in military smoke and obscurant applications. IAP demonstrated in Phase I of this research that their method of packing and blending produces an improvement in grenade efficiency by enabling the use of fine size obscurant powders. According to IAP principle investigator, Bhanu Chelluri, "While fine and nano-size particles produce denser smoke they have been difficult to pack because they are so fine and stick to each other forming clumps. In Phase I, we invented a new packing method that gives better performance. In other words, grenades using the IAP packing technology produce larger and more uniform powder clouds with fewer streamers". In the current Phase II project, IAP will develop, fabricate and test prototype grenades.

IAP brings an extensive background in blending fine and nano powders. Under another federal grant, the company developed a unique titanium composite based on a patented method of blending nano-ceramic powders with titanium powders. This creates a titanium material with the hardness and wear resistance of tool steal. This material is now commercially available under the name TITRIX®.

The blending and packing method developed for smoke grenades differs from that of TITRIX® however, IAP also sees broader application than just the military munitions application addressed in the research grant. "The market for fine particle packing and dispersion is diverse with applications in many commercial areas. This is because the underlying technology enables more efficient aerosolization", says Dr. Chelluri. "For that reason this innovative aerosolization process may be applied to an array of fields such as aerosol inhalers, environmental pollutions controls, pharmaceuticals production and even more efficient particle fertilizer dispersion".

IAP is a scientific and engineering services firm located in Kettering, Ohio and specializing in advanced materials, power electronics and electromagnetic launchers. If you have powder blending or powder handling challenges that need attention, contact Dr. Bhanu Chelluri at IAP Research at 937-296-1806.

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